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Organic CBD African Tea 

While not traditionally a tea-producing continent, products from Africa have become increasingly popular. Indigenous African herbal teas have gained the most attention. Arbor Teas is proud to offer several single origin herbal teas from Africa. Our organic rooibos hails from the Cederberg region of South Africa and our organic chamomile from the rich soil of the Nile River floodplain in Egypt.


African Herbals With Infused CBD

Africa is home to many naturally caffeine-free herbal teas, including rooibos, indigenous to South Africa, as well as premium chamomile from Egypt and rosebuds from Morocco. Traditional medicine suggests that each of these herbal teas has a calming, soothing effect on moods. Medical research also suggests numerous health benefits of rooibos including anti-cancer properties, particularly in decreased risk of skin cancer.


Purely organic with no preservatives.


Healthy, relaxing and soothing.


Save with weekly specials.


Delivered to your door step, 


Healthy CBD Green Tea

Green is aromatically grounding, sweet, and nourishing in its taste. Many of the herbs in this tea were used in ancient times to make wellness broths for recovery and building strength. This supportive tea is intended to be used in combination with social distancing, good personal hygiene, sound diet, ample exercise and rest.



Red African CBD Tea

A wonderfully smooth herbal tea and a favorite amongst athletes, kids, and moms. South African red rooibos and vanilla brews into a dark red liquor with a naturally sweet, deep aroma, reminiscent of pipe tobacco.


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